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Detego vs. Other Options

Detego Platform: private wealth advisors' quality
+ 'robo-advisor' speed and simplicity.
  Detego Private Wealth Advisor 'Robo-Advisor'
Investment Advice
Financial Planning
Debt Management
Risk Management/Insurance
Financial Contingency Preparation
Estate Planning
Legal (living wills, etc.)
Simple Process
Asset Aggregation Bias NO Biased Biased
Time Requirement 10-20 min 5-15 hours 10-20 min
Cost of Advice Only Free $3,000+ Free

Our Plans


  • Financial Planning
  • -
  • -


  • Financial Planning
  • Unlimited Reports
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  • Financial Planning
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Advisor Support


What does Detego do?
We give you the most powerful financial planning... No special skills or financial knowledge is needed.
You can use our tools to plan your Life and decide what's important for you.
When your life plan is ready, we help you make it a reality.
Do I need special training to use Detego?
No. Our planning tool is simple and intuitive to use.
And we are here to help you every step of the way
How do you help me implement the plan?
We break your life plan into small actionable steps to help you get started.
We'll also support you through every step of the way with Detego professionals and partners